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What To Wear When


To be dressed like the cool kids, wear your blazer for our Friday night dinner at Palmer House; your camp shirt for our class photo and the P-Rade; your beer jacket Saturday night; and the t-shirt whenever you want!

Class of 1978 Schedule


We have a full weekend of great food. refreshments, cool costumes, 78’s Talent Show, a Bonanza barn dance, the one and only P-Rade, Class Dinner, great entertainment, multiple community service projects, and best of all, reconnecting with our classmates. See the full schedule here.

University Schedule


In addition to ‘78’s program, there is another world outside of Holder Courtyard! Find the schedule of the University-wide events here.


Maps Of All Kinds!


Where is the P-rade route? Where can I catch Tiger Transit to get around campus or to my hotel? And what are all the new buildings, where is Rockefeller College and what happened to Wilson College? You can find campus maps of all kinds here!  And find University and local Princeton parking.


Want a guided tour of the campus changes? See the 78 Minutes Eye of the Tiger here.



General Reunions Information


Can I fly my drone on campus? Where can I park? What’s the full list of Entertainment and Exhibits? You can find it all here at the Princeton Reunions website!













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