March 14, 2020


The Great Class of 1978’s 42nd Reunion!



We hope that you and yours are staying safe from the Coronavirus, and that by the time of our 42nd Reunion it will be behind us.  We are staying in touch with the Alumni Council and as of today Reunions is still on for 2020, so we are planning accordingly.  We will notify you should things change, but hopefully by that time we will be able to celebrate that challenge being behind us and celebrate being together!


So with Reunions around the corner, the 42nd Reunion of the Great Class of 1978 will take place from May 28th to 31st, 2020 at “the Best Old Place Of All”!  Please mark your calendar accordingly. The events planned are provided below – hope you join us and your classmates!


Class Dinner Gathering

Friday, May 29th at 6 pm


During off-year reunions in the past we have had informal gatherings of classmates Friday night for dinner.  Last year’s gathering at Mediterra had 40 classmates who had a great time!  If you will be in town Friday night, please join us for a class dinner at at The Meeting House (277 Witherspoon St, Princeton) in the private Witherspoon Room Friday, May 29th beginning at 6 pm.  We’ll have appetizers and a cash bar at 6 pm, followed by a 3-course dinner at 7 pm. Dinner will be $75, that includes appetizers during the cocktail hour, and 3-course dinner (salad, entrée and dessert), wine and coffee/tea, and is inclusive of tax and tip.  Please sign up via the link


Class Brunch Before the P-rade

Saturday, May 30th at 11:30 am


We will also have a Pre-P-rade Class Brunch Reception on Saturday, May 30th at 11:30 am in Whig Hall in the Oakes Lounge before the P-rade.  Please join us for brunch and refreshments and be brought up to date on class business as well as catch up with classmates.


The One and Only P-rade

Saturday, May 31st at 2:00 pm


Please join us as we gather on Cannon Green and proudly march in the One and Only P-Rade celebrating our 42nd Reunion!


If you, your spouse/significant other, your children/grandchildren would like to help carry our Class P-Rade banner, please contact Bob Klein at


2020 Reunions Activities

Thursday, May 28th to Sunday, May 31st


Also at our 42nd Reunion you will be able to attend all the great at-large events of 2020 Princeton Reunions.  These can be found at

and the website will continue to be updated as 2020 Reunions draw near.  Once you acquire wristbands you may attend tent events as guests of the Class of 1980 who are having their major reunion this year.


Hope you have a great Spring, and hope to see you at our 42nd Reunion!


Yours in Orange and Black and go Great Class of 1978!


Bob Klein ’78, President

David Grace ’78, Vice President

Gwen Feder ’78, Secretary and Memorialist

Meg Zellinger ’78, Treasurer

Bob Peskin ’78, Class Co-Agent

Valerie Noel Garcia ‘78, Class Co-Agent

Lisa Carnochan ’78, Executive Committee