Dear Classmates, Thanks to you, the Class of 1978 Foundation Board is delighted to announce that we have awarded $36,000 to 10 highly-motivated Princeton undergraduates to engage in community service projects this summer. The selected students will be making meaningful contributions to the quality of life of various underserved communities in the United States and abroad, including some lacking access to such basic necessities as clean drinking water, adequate housing, affordable transportation, and emergency medical care. We hope that you will take the time to learn more about the work of the Foundation by visiting our wonderful new website, but here are some highlights of what our grantees will be doing this summer. Four of our 2019 grantees will be assisting communities in the United States. Angelika Morris ’21 will work with the “Street Medix” program to train over 100 civilians as trauma and mental health first responders in Chicago neighborhoods suffering from the highest rates of violence. Samuel Vilchez Santiago ’19 will seek to engage Hispanic students and their families in educational decision-making and public policy advocacy in Orange County, Florida, promoting ESL and Special Education programs and the creation of local independent charitable foundations to assist schools serving low-income students. Imane Mabrouk ‘21 will assist clients completing applications for permanent residency and other immigration-related documents as an intern at New American Pathways in Atlanta. Winfred Darko ’20 will focus on making the Dollaride micro-transit network more accessible to underserved working communities in New York City. Our other six grantees will be volunteering abroad. Grace Collins ’21 will teach music and provide musical instruments to primary school students in Buyobo, Uganda. Genevieve Garlock ’20 will help to help build sustainable and affordable housing for families in need as a project manager with Habitat for Humanity in Argentina. Michele Wang ’21 will intern at the Ding Sheng Legal Clinic – the only pro bono clinic dedicated to serving people with hearing disabilities in China. Finally, three of our grantees will be working with Princeton’s Engineers Without Borders (EWB) program to bring clean water to communities in need. Kahlil Shaw ‘21 will be returning to Kubweye, Kenya to expand an existing well and install an electric pump and solar panels to improve access to potable water for primary school students and the surrounding community. As the Project Manager of the Peru Team, Riley Wagner ’20 will be working with the Andean community of Pusunchás to complete a gravity-fed water system to supply clean drinking water to nearly 70 families for the first time in 25 years. Nastasia Klevak ’22 will be developing a new, sustainable clean water system for a community in El Cajul, Dominican Republic, whose current source of potable water has been depleted. Congratulations to all our grantees! In addition to helping communities across the globe, we are certain that they are also expanding their own horizons and future opportunities. Yours in Orange and Black! Class of 1978 Foundation Officers and Board David Grace, President Sarah Finnie Robinson, Vice President Clayton Platt, Treasurer Holly Hexter, Secretary David Abromowitz David Addams Camilla Carpenter Ginny Farrel Day Valerie Noel Garcia Mary Lisanti Julie List Kim Pearson Frank Sharry Jim Shepard Bob Klein (ex officio)