Liz grew up in two small towns in Ohio but wanted to make an impact in the wider world, and worked methodically to get there.  Liz was the only student in memory from her high school to go to Princeton, which is where she met our own Tim James, her husband of 29 years and partner of 42 years.  Liz and Tim were both members of Charter Club and very loyal, constantly returning Charter alums.

After Princeton, Liz went on to Yale Law School, worked at three highly regarded private law firms in Manhattan, taught for two years at NYU Law School, and then spent the bulk of her legal career as a Legal Services attorney, representing indigent clients in the Bronx and Queens.  In 2007, Liz received the New York City Bar Association’s Legal Services Award.

Liz and Tim got involved in Democratic politics in Greenwich Village in 1981.  She was the first President of the Village Reform Democratic Club, which they had helped found, and served for nine years as Democratic District Leader for Greenwich Village. When Liz and Tim moved to White Plains in 1999, they got involved with the White Plains Democratic Party.  Four years later, she was elected Chair of the White Plains Democratic City Committee, a role she loved for over 13 years, until the White Plains Common Council appointed her at the end of 2016 to be a City Court Judge.

Liz was thrilled to become a judge but, unhappily, her health issues got in the way. During her periods of enforced idleness, she worked on a book she had long planned to write about her time in Legal Services and the clients she served, read a lot, and took an increased interest in cooking (to Tim’s benefit).

Liz is survived by her mother, Nancy Shollenberger of Circleville Ohio and Tim, with whom she renewed her vows spontaneously when, in the midst of a toast at their wonderful and joyous 25th anniversary party, the judge who had married them offered to officiate again and they instantly took him up on the offer.  Condolences to Tim may be sent to 300 Martine Avenue, Apartment 4K, White Plains, NY 10601-3472, or or   Please make donations in Liz’s memory to Apostle Immigrant Services at  Tim expects to hold a memorial service for Liz later this year or early next year, and we are all invited.

We will miss Liz, but are lucky that our community is strong and that we mourn together.  Please join us in a locomotive in her memory.

Yours, as always, in orange and black,

Bob Klein             Gwen Feder

President              Secretary and Class Memorialist